what is the best acne treatment you have used?

– asked:

please help me, i have a lot of acne and its all on my forehead (whiteheads). i’d look terrible with bangs, so please dont suggest that. what is the best acne treatment that you have ever used? like i mean, awesome and noticable results. I realy want to get rid of the acne and it would really help me, thanks.

What is a good acne treatment system?

baseballfreak320 asked:

I do not have bad acne what so ever. It’s the average teenager acne. I have been using ProActive but that tends to burn and irritate my skin. What is a good acne treatment system? I heard that Tri Clear works very well. Please leave any suggestions. Thanks, Adam
Yes ProActive does work but it just really bothers my skin. It’s worth a try though

How effective is LASER ACNE treatment?

flyingGOAT asked:

I’ve tried many creams and over the counter products, I’ve gotten prescription cream from dermatologists, and I even used Proactiv Solution before (which didn’t work for me).

So, I’m looking into getting laser-acne treatment, which I’m hoping would be my last resort.

I have a mild case of acne on my face, nothing severe though.

So before getting laser acne treatment, could someone tell me if its effective at all? Like does it completely rid of the acne
after the procedure is done? How does it work and how much does it cost?
And please, no answers suggesting I use creams or creams they you know of that work.
I have been following this type of treatment for a LONG time now, and I am definitely gonna try laser treatment.

Also, I’m using laser treatment for my entire face.